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 Discover Paris

With over 2000 photos, you can explore further and quickly find the places that interest you. Whether it's art, architecture, a café, a palace, fashion, history, shopping or everyday life... it's all at your fingertips (the site is well underway and growing daily to be fully available by May 2024)
In a few clicks, you will be transported from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the lively streets of Montmartre or the Louvre Museum. Through your explorations, you will not only see the most spectacular and famous places, but you will also have the chance to discover hidden treasures and pictures that you will not find in most travel guides.
You will enter the intimacy of Parisians, you will follow the itineraries of writers described in their books, discovering a singular and intriguing Paris.
I wanted to make the site I would like to find to discover a city after having made six books on Paris.


   Click on the thumbnails to go directly to the chapter you are interested in   


The welcome that will open the doors of Paris to you 


If you are in an area and want to explore it 


Portraits of Parisians so that you can enter into the intimacy of people

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Capture d’écran 2023-05-24 à 13.42.54.jpg



If you want to go for a walk

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If you have favourite themes

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If you are interested in the novelistic universe of Parisian writers and find the atmosphere of the novels of Modiano, Balzac or Prévert

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If you want to taste the best croissant or the best baguette in Paris and a lot of other culinary delights

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If you want to go shopping 

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